With the aim of sustainably producing the critical minerals needed for a low carbon future, Canada Nickel is committed to operating in ways that support resilient local communities and minimize our environmental impacts.


Canada Nickel is committed to early, ongoing, and accessible engagement that is specifically tailored to the interests and expectations of all project stakeholders, communities, and Indigenous groups. Canada Nickel intends to manage social, economic, environmental, cultural, and human rights impacts by responding to community concerns, honestly and transparently, while working to directly optimize potential benefits of our projects.  

Community Engagement in the Crawford Project Area

Ongoing dialogue is a key component in ensuring that the Crawford Project is constructed in a way that positively contributes to the future successes of its neighboring communities. Our team will maintain, and seek to continuously improve, ongoing information and participation tools and activities aimed at supporting constructive collaboration throughout the life of the Crawford Project.


Canada Nickel is exploring innovative, proactive methods for monitoring, mitigating, and, where possible, counteracting the potential environmental risks associated with our operations. Project development activities will incorporate comprehensive environmental baseline studies, intended to feed into the completion of environmental, social, and economic impact assessments driven by government, community, and Indigenous feedback.   

Studies at the Crawford Project

Canada Nickel will share public, summarized project information that transparently addresses environment issues, concerns, questions, and opportunities raised throughout the life of the Crawford Project. 

Baseline studies designed to establish an environmental profile of the region are underway. Results from these studies, and information from future investigations, surveys, and mitigation plans, will be shared through impact assessment and environmental documents as they become available. 


Engagement activities with local indigenous groups and communities are an opportunity for open, transparent, and productive conversations regarding potential project impacts and cooperative identification of mutually beneficial solutions. Beyond these activities, our team is committed to ongoing and accessible communication that is specifically tailored to your individual interests and expectations. Please refer to the contact information provided below for the different ways you can reach our team, or connect with us through our online feedback submission form and by subscribing to our quarterly community newsletters. 

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